Jeff H., Home Seller

This was my first experience selling a home. And it was the family home so there were some sentiments involved. The area was attractive enough so that any house would sell. But Mike nudged me to do a few things to spruce up the house so that it would become more amenable to more people. Things had become dated. So he stressed that if we did do a few little things to make it move in ready, then a young family who maybe wouldn’t be able to consider our house, would then be able to. And his strategy worked. A young family was able to buy the house because they felt they could move right in.

Mike was available at all times of the day. Weekends. Nights. If you called, emailed or texted, he either picked up the phone or wrote back within a few minutes. He was always there. Mike Jennings did a great job for us and we couldn’t be happier.

— Jeff H., Natick