Jodie & Erik, Home Buyers

Mike Jennings was someone I did not know a few years ago. I, by happenstance, met his wife only from our children’s birthday parties as they shared a teacher one year. Shortly after, following a bad experience selling a house with a different agent and company, I decided to reach out to Mike, having remembered his wife telling me he is a real estate agent. When I got to know Mike, his presence alone was non-obtrusive. He is a listener not a talker, he is gentle not pushy, he is caring and genuine and you can see it in his eyes and feel it in his presence. He truly cares about his clients as people first. He is able to put himself in your shoes and walk the walk with you, reassuring yet realistic and not afraid to lay it out there. We had to rent for a year and Mike helped us secure an amazing rental in one of Natick’s best child-friendly neighborhoods (critical to us for the main reason we sold last home in Natick was location). He was then, right there, come eight months later when it was time to look to purchase again! He was always readily available to listen, chat, meet us, educate us, and we began the long but worthwhile search for a home within our kids’ school district, in our budget, and overall in Natick. After much time, persistence, and insistence we met all three conditions!! To do *that* in Natick, at this highly competitive time, was not an easy feat. He is a one of a kind man. We can’t thank him enough. He is a person I don’t ever want to lose touch with, not because we plan to move again, but because he is now a friend. I have told so many friends and people about Mike Jennings since we first met him.

Thank you, Mike for *everything*.

— Jodie & Erik, Natick